3rd Runway at Vienna Intl. Airport

drahtwarenhandlung film & animation is - among others - specialized in the realization of complex technical and scientifical animations. Hereby we transform complex systems, dynamic processes or complicated matters into clear messages. This way goals, methods and features can be communicated clear and efficient. Besides development of the design and the storyboard as well as production, drahtwarenhandlung has developed different tools to incorporate technical data (CAD blue-prints) of various size into animations.

For this film, commissioned by Vienna International Airport, the highly detailled, original CAD blue-prints have been used to visualize the planned third runway, airport and surroundings. Preprocessing, import and visualization of all data took place in-house. This way we are capable do deliver to the full expectations of our customers: technically correct and visually appealing visualizations. In this case of the planned new runway.