About us

film & animation

The drahtwarenhandlung is a media production company that specialized on stories about science, culture and society. Besides for broadcasting companies we are producing films for a wide variety of customers, reaching from scientific institutions over industry, NGOs and into the public sector. The drahtwarenhandlung’s USP is founded on transporting information in a correct way while creaing an entertaining and innovative production. As film as a medium requires the reduction of complexity, our main focus is set on preservation of the facts - content wise, but especially when creating animations.

Among our customers you can find the ORF, ZDF, 3sat, BMWF, FFG, OMV, Renault, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), European Space Ageny (ESA), Siemens, Austrian Chamber of Labour (Arbeiterkammer) and many more.

The close integration across the whole production, from the very first treatment up to the final film including animation, enables us to create films according to our high standards towards technique, creativity and content. Our customers benefit from our one-stop-shop approach as we are able to quickly deliver optimal results and customers may rely on one fixed contact person for the whole process.

data journalism

Over time data journalism has become the drahtwarenhandlung’s second area of work. In an ever more digitalized world it is becoming increasingly important to tap into data as a source for journalism. The drahtwarenhandlung is offering services accross the whole spectrum of data journalism: from specific content, over support for bigger stories iup to complete data journalism works as well as dissemination of findings from scientific research.

Data journalism is often being (only) associated with "online". In the drahtwarenhandlung we are striving to think and work cross-media. Next to "classical" online stories (e.g. regular provision of content for the ORF’s online format "ORF [M]Eins" or DDJ-websites to accompany certain programms) we frequently incorporate data journalism into film productions - our own but also as supplier for external production companies.

The field of data journalism is still a very young one - and highly dynamic. To keep at the cutting egde of it, the drahtwarenhandlung is not only working as a service provider, but also acting at the intersection of journalism and science. As partners in various DDJ-research projects we constantly expand our knowledge.