New Research Project Funded by FFG

The research project Self-Explanatory Visual Analytics for Data-Driven Insight Discovery (SEVA) is a coopeartion between St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Joanneum Graz - University of Applied Sciences, Vienna Universtiy of Technology, datavisyn GmbH and drahtwarenhandlung. In the highly competitive FFG-call "ICT of the Future", this consortium was able to aquire funding for the project.

The project is scheduled to start on January 1st, 2020. The projects scope is to support users in learning novel visual data analysis tools more quickly, for which our main goal is to design and develop onboarding methods for visual analytics systems that can beautomatically generated. With data journalism and biomedical R&D, we are targeting two diverse application domains. With appropriate onboarding methods the user experience as well as the understanding of visual data analysis tools for large and complex data sets will be enhanced. Methodologically, we will design, build, and evaluate proof-of-concept prototypes along an iterative user- and problem-oriented research process.

With the funding of the described project (1) innovations on a technical -scientific level in a still rarely researched area are made possible, (2) concrete onboarding concepts will be realized and targeted towards the application domains of data journalism and biomedical research, and (3) market advantages for the involved company partners will emerge.