Newton: Energy Drinks: Turbo boost or sugar drink?

Increased endurance, better concentration, performance increases. Energy drink producers marketing their product somewhere in between easily available performance enhancer and legally available drug. But how do these drinks really perform? Can they live up to the expectations?

This documentary puts them at the test. To get medical insights we recruited the two extreme ahtletes Eva Walkner (Freeride World Tour champion) and Boris Tetzlaff (Austrian mountain bike champion) to hit the labs. Their performance was analyzed in the medical assessment center for athletic performance, in the sleep laboratory and finally, after 24 hours of sleep deprivation on the racetrack. Can energy drinks help them to achieve better under extreme conditions?





On Air

01.03.2014 18:40, ORF 1

05.03.2014 12:00, 3sat

23.08.2014 18:40, ORF 1