Newton: Biotopia - The Organic Boom

Organic food is super in at the moment. In Austria, in the last ten years the market for these kinds of food increased fourfold and, in fact, a bio-industry arose. But, does the organic food from the supermarket still correspond to our concepts of biological farming or is it all just a label scam?

While conventional agriculture is trimmed to efficiency and performance and pushing the world to its ecological limits, organic agriculture seems to be the way out of the dilemma. However, more than 9.2 billion people allegedly have to be provided with food in 2050. Will it be possible to feed the whole world biologically?

No residues of veterinary drugs or pesticides and a higher content of vitamins – organic food promises a higher quality of foodstuff. Does this quality also affect the taste? Do ecological products from the supermarket differ from those directly from the farmer? Newton is putting organic foodstuff to the test.